Clap Switch with IC741 and CD4017

Switch arrangement scheme Pat is quite simple yet quite satisfactory. IC 741 as op-amp (amplifier) merged with IC 4017 as a flip flop to get on and off. Then connected to the T1 as the driving force of the Relay. The Relay is connected to other electronic or electrical devices.

Resistors R2, R3 and the variable resistor VR1 adjusts the sensitivity of the amplifier. Resistor R1 sets the sensitivity of the Mic. The Output pulses are amplified from IC1 IC2 passes to the input (CD 4017). Resistor R4 make input (pin14) of IC2 is low so as to prevent false triggering.

IC2 is a decade counter IC are transferred as a toggle switch. It's the output 1 and 2 (pin 2 and 3) into high and low when the inputs pin14 received pulse. Pin4 (output4) connected to the re-pin15 so that further counting would be hampered. High Output current IC2 from the boundary passes to the base transistor switching R6 T1. When T1 is working (got voltage) relay will energize and work load (bulb or electrical appliances) will be activated. Next, the output pin Pats 2 become low and the relay will be switched off. Red LED indicates OFF position.

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